Archethic Lab

A manual for the latest tech and product updates on the Archethic ecosystem. By the builders, for the builders!


Deployed on 30 June 2021, Testnet of Archethic is successfully running sofar. It is built to experiment with new ideas without disturbing or breaking the main cryptocurrency software. This is enabling developers to build and test Dapps. They will be able to create infinite amount of UCO to proceed to any kind of experimentation they want.


Deployed on 30 June 2021 in parallel with Testnet, Mainnet of Archethic is constantly evolving with constant updates, upgrades and bug fixes. Please checkout the roadmap of Archethic blockchain on the website for further information or contact [email protected]. The code viewer is open to the public and the developers are invited for code proposals

Tech Updates

Checkout the latest happenings with the Archethic Public Blockchain's Testnet and Mainnet

Archethic Wallet

Archethic Mobile Wallet is one of the ways you can interact with Archethic blockchain. It supports transactions and fund transfers of UCO Tokens and NFTs on Archethic Testnet. Also you can use your 24 words mneumonic to restore your wallet and use that on Archethic blockchain. Upcoming feature includes NFTs support for wallet, yubico key and ledger key.

Testnet Faucet

Archethic Testnet offers a faucet by which a user gets a free fund transfer of 100 UCO into their wallet addresses. These funds are mainly utilised by users to experiment with the several Testnet features before they are ready to invest in the respective project. This also mitigates any risk of using real world tokens to try out something that is still in an experimental stage.

AEWeb Redefined

AEWeb is the first application on the Archethic blockchain where you can deploy your website on the Archethic blockchain. With more than 200K+ small and medium sized websites created everyday, its security, operation and maintainance is a huge cost. The new version of AEWeb Cli is more enhanced where users can deploy file, folder and website easily.

Beacon Explorer

Beacon Chains are the chains that coordinate the Archethic network! They are responsible for global synchronization & lists all network states & transactions & summarises them every day. Beacon Explorer is the outcome of exploring all the contents of beacon & beacon summary transactions which are responsible for global sync with the network.